Welcome to Sequential Spelling Online

About Sequential Spelling

Sequential Spelling is based on the classic Orton-Gillingham approach of multi-sensory instruction. Rather than teaching lists of thematic words, Sequential Spelling teaches spelling word families (e.g. consonant + eg family....Leg, Peg, Beg).  This enables the child to learn spelling inductively, the exact same way they learned to speak and to walk.  This form of instruction is especially effective for children who struggle with rules, have attention challenges or are dyslexic because the letters are learned in sound context rather than through rote memorization.

How Sequential Spelling Online Works

Parent / Instructor Account(s)

One primary instructor account allows full access and control for a parent, guardian, or teacher to manage student accounts and view results for all lessons. This account can manage up to 10 student accounts, including username and password management and billing functions.

This parent account can also create multiple secondary instructor accounts, with access to view student records and progress. Secondary accounts do not have access to billing functions or account management.

Student Account(s) & Pricing

Pricing for Sequential Spelling Online is based on a per student, per level rate. Instructor accounts purchase credits and assign levels to each individual student. Each lesson within a level can be completed by a student one time.

$14.95 1 Credit
$39.95 5 Credits
$49.95 10 Credits

There are five levels of Sequential Spelling Online. Normally, all users should begin with Level One. Sequential Spelling is intended to build on itself as the student develops mastery and confidence.

However, since a great many users come to Sequential Spelling after beginning with another program that failed them and a great many older students who have some degree of spelling experience turn to Sequential Spelling, we offer the free Placement Test.