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Technical Questions

Common Technical Questions:

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You will just log in, and go to the screen where you added spelling levels to your student(s). From there, you can add grammar levels to your student accounts. When they log in after that, they will see the link to start the grammar lesson.
To get started, your student(s) will need to log in using the account(s) that you created for them. If you aren't sure of their username and/or password, they can be checked and/or reset from your instructor account.
If you are having trouble with the volume or clarity of the voice, try the following:
  • Make sure you are using headphones, and the volume is turned up.
  • Try quitting other applications - Especially ones that produce sound.
  • Try a different web browser. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.
  • Try rebooting your computer.
You need to add student accounts prior to purchasing credits.
If you create an account, and an account for your student, they can log in and take the placement test.

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